Monthly Archives: November 2016

28 Nov

Opting for a yoga teacher training course in Goa will be the best start ever

Yoga, the deep-rooted and an ancient wellbeing process for synchronized spiritual, physical and mental prosperity that once started in India has now turned out to be vastly popular everywhere throughout the world. Individuals from each alcove and corner of the globe appreciate it and need to know how to take in the strategy or how to ace the art by enlisting in an appropriate course. Yoga Teacher Training centers are situated in numerous urban areas and nations over the world,...

20 Nov

Make Your Mind into a Garden

Where were you today? You might now be thinking about where you were physically, but where did you go mentally? Most of us spend most of our daily living in the past or in the future with our mind. Most of us even go over the same thoughts day after day without realizing it.   Yoga and mainly meditation are complex journeys of the mind. In terms of yoga practice and asana, it helps us become steady and...