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06 Feb

How to Get Deeper Sleep with Yoga?

In this busy world after long hours of work and stress, getting good sleep is very essential. Many would have round the clock routines as per their lifestyle and work requirements. This leads to having issues with sleep. Chronic sleep problems are suffered by most of them these days. Counts numbers and reciting prayers will not help in having a good sleep instead here are some of the simple and quick yoga workout to help you to get a very...

06 Feb

Ten Things you Should Consider to Bring Out Your Inner Yogi

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual activity that provides endless health benefits and may be practiced by just about anyone be it young or old. Its origins lie in Northern India nearly 5,000 years ago and Yoga has been proven to help alleviate stress levels, lower blood pressure and stabilize your heart rate amongst a host of other benefits. Some of the best Yoga teacher training programs in the world advocate these ten things a person should consider to...