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10 Apr

Why You Should Do Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

The sound of the waves in your ears, the feeling of warm air and sand on your skin, the smell of salt water in your nose: Goa makes you feel connected to nature. Located in the tropical zone close to the Arabian sea the climate of Goa is humid and warm. The average daily temperature is 30C. Pause when you come to Goa. The positive vibe, the beautiful beaches and the shadow of the palm trees create a perfect environment to...

09 Apr

Yoga Teacher Training in India

A country where you can feel spirituality with every breath you take. A very mystical, unique place where all goes with the flow. Yoga in India: In the Indian culture, Yoga has always been an essential part. The development of yoga can be found back to over 10’000 years. It found its fullest appearance in this place. India provides an authentic experience to learn yoga. To deepen your knowledge, practice and becoming a good yoga teacher it needs a lot and...

08 Apr

The importance of a vegetarian diet in yoga

Non-violence way of eating The first principle in the philosophy of yoga is ahimsa: non-violence. Yogis extend this principle to animals. Not eating dead animals means you don’t harm.  People who follow a vegetarian diet attempt to be more ethical and emphatic. With the vegetarian way of living you take responsibility for your actions and behavior. It is about living in harmony with animals and respect every living being on this beautiful planet earth. Good for your health. On a physical level...