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21 May

Importance Of Yoga In Our Daily Life

To maintain a balance between oneself and environment is necessary for every human. Despite nowadays greater emotional as well as physical needs are given more priority. This is a reason why people suffer more stress, anxiety and also insomnia which is mainly due to improper lifestyle and physical exercise. Therefore, we need methods and techniques for the attainment of health and harmony; in this respect, yoga acts as an aid to one’s health. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit...

20 May

The Power of Sleep

The human body consumes a lot of energy during the day. That’s why we need to sleep, as our body not only restores the energy levels, but it also repairs itself and breaks down the food we ate during the evening as well. Ideally, you want to sleep around 7-8 hours per day to make sure that your body functions properly. Why Is Sleep So Important? There’s a reason why any yoga teacher training newcomers will tell you to sleep at...