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05 Aug

5 Reasons It’s Time For A Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teachers are warriors. They not just help their students learn and practice yoga, they also help them in leading a successful life by improving their personality among other things. You need not be a celebrity to be a yoga teacher. You can enroll yourselves in the institutes providing yoga teacher training and start your training as a yoga instructor. If you too have been thinking about being a yoga teacher, here are some reasons why you should start it...

05 Aug

Exercises for Lymphedema in Legs

What is a lymphatic system? Lymphatic system filters out the unwanted and waste products from the body and frees the body from toxins. The lymphatic system as a whole is made up of lymph nodes that are then connected by the lymph vessels. A maximum number of lymph nodes are found in the areas of neck, groin and near the arms. Therefore, these regions in our body are more susceptible to swelling and pain due to the deposition of excess...

05 Aug

How to Choose Your First Yoga Class

Yoga has several benefits for both the body and mind. It helps you strengthen your body physically, and spiritually. Once you start practicing yoga regularly, you feel relaxed. It also uplifts your mood and enables you to stay fit and healthy. Many health institutes offer yoga training classes at affordable prices. These institutes have separate kinds of courses for student training and yoga teacher training. If you too are looking to choose a yoga class, here are some tips that...

05 Aug

How to Choose Your First Yoga Instructor

Yoga has become an essential part of people’s daily routine. These days people look around for specialist yoga teachers who can train them as per the requirements of their body. This is the reason yoga teacher training has gained much popularity. And many people take to learning yoga from renowned institutes. If you too are looking forward to learning yoga, here are few tips to help you choose your first yoga instructor.   He should have a holistic perception of...

05 Aug

How to Find The Right Yoga Style For You

Hundreds of yoga styles have found their way into the daily lives of people. As a beginner, either as a student or as a yoga trainer, you can be very confused as to learn what style of yoga. If you have the option to choose, you should always want the best style as per your requirements. Many yoga teacher training institutes also provide a comprehensive guide to tell you which style of you should choose to learn. Here’s a brief...

05 Aug

Secrets of Becoming a Successful Yoga Teacher

A yoga teacher has much more to him than just knowing the poses and the right techniques. While many institutes offer yoga teacher training, only a few of them will tell you the ways of becoming a famous yoga teacher. Here are some secrets that’ll help you become a successful yoga teacher. 1. Always stay a student:- The time when we start believing that we know everything, we tend to stop learning new things in our life. The same is valid...

Tips for selecting a yoga teacher training program
05 Aug

Tips for Selecting Yoga Teacher Training Program

Enrolling yourself in a yoga teacher training program is the best thing you can do if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher. It can be one of the most amazing things to do that can change your life completely. If you also want to do the training, you must have begun to decide which program to choose for your training. And if you are confused about which institute to join, then this article is for you. We...

05 Aug

Different Kinds of Yoga and Benefits of Yoga to Weight Loss

Are you one of those who associate weight loss with only gym equipment, cardiovascular exercises, and weight-bearing exercises? But if you like to do yoga or want to lose weight by reaping the many benefits offered by yoga, here is good news for you. You can lose weight effectively with yoga and that too at no extra cost Yoga is a relaxing activity that helps burn calories, improve mental health, reduce stress and anxiety and lose weight. Yoga is often...