Reiki Healing in Goa

What is Reiki?

Reiki means universal life energy. Reiki balances and harmonizes our energy. Reiki is a gentle and soft healing therapy. It is love, light, and healing. We cannot see it but we can feel it. You can be just receptive and passive to receive the energy so your mind stops and you come to the present moment. By receiving from the Reiki teacher you can connect to the universal energy. The Reiki teacher channels the energy into the receiver. If the Reiki teacher is more meditative then he/she can be more open to the universal energy. In the beginning, you are getting healing energy with the help of the Reiki teacher. After practicing Reiki you become able to receive the energy directly without any medium. Each person is born with healing energy but rarely use it. The Reiki teacher just activates your dormant healing power. You can use this healing power to heal your own body, mind, and emotions as well as that of your friends and family. Some people become Reiki teachers which enables them to heal and teach in a wide way. We are not limited to our bodies; there are deeper levels in the body and mind. Through Reiki practice, once you start communicating with these deeper levels, you can give positive direction to your life. You can heal unwanted memories, experiences, and any emotional issues. You can overcome your habits. Reiki raises energy levels. You can protect yourself from negative energy or you can transform this energy into love and light. You can use Reiki in all dimensions of your life. After attunement, even if you do not use therapy for yourself and others the energy will not diminish. During the therapy, Reiki automatically balances the energy to the correct required level. Reiki always gives immediate and effective results. Reiki makes you more open, sensitive, loving and compassionate. Reiki increases trust in you and in the existence, Reiki is a meditation in itself. Reiki helps to deepen your meditation & healing.
Reiki doesn’t take a long time to study. It’s easy and simple. Reiki is not limited to people, it can be given to the animals, plants, trees, and to nature; also on your own food, to purify rooms, on documents…..

Benefits of Reiki:-

1. Heals cause, eliminates, effect of the imbalance.
2. It is an alternative, natural healing and helping method.
3. Can be combined with other healing methods.
4. Minimizes feelings of helplessness when faced with a crisis situation.
5. Releases accumulated daily stress.
6. It is an intelligent energy which goes to greatest need.
7. Reiki does not interfere with medical treatments, enhances medications,
quickens healing time, and reduces need for anaesthetic.

Reiki Healing

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