Brigitte Breternitz

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Vinyasa flow class's trainer

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Brigitte Breternitz is a dancer, choreographer, and 500h Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher from Germany. She is influenced by a broad variety of Yoga and Dance Styles from all over the world and the versatile perception of a yogini. Her understanding of body movement as a universal language of self-expression can be found in all of her classes. Her Sequences are strong and fluid and her classes turn into a poetic journey to yourself. She has been teaching for more than two decades and she’s still honestly passionate about it. She started practicing yoga in 2007 and it has become one of her major influences in her life. Combining two of her passions, yoga, and dance, she created her own fusion called Vinyasa Dance. She’s been working on the concept for years and recently started teaching Vinyasa Dance in different places around the globe. The classes aim for teaching the students their very own way of moving their bodies, joining physical and spiritual approaches. Brigitte is understanding the way of yoga as her way to personal truth and happiness.