Hello, I'm Krista!

Vinyasa flow class's trainer

Full NAme Krista
Category Vinyasa flow
Krista completed her Yoga Teacher Training in India Goa 2013. Since then she’s teaching regularly Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and YogaDance flow classes at her home in city Tallinn (Estonia ) and Goa (India). Krista has a long experience and background as a dance teacher, dancer, and choreographer, she has been working with kids, youngsters, and adults for more than 25 years both in hobby and professional level.Her artistic work has been nominated many times by the Estonian Theater Union and her performances been shown in various theatres and festivals in Estonia and aboard. Krista is discovering the world of sound and sound healing, working with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs she gives sound healing sessions as well combines sound work with her yoga classes, choreographic and musical work.