Swami Vinod

Hello, I'm Swami Vinod!

Hatha & Vinyasa flow class's trainer

Full NAme Swami Vinod
Category Hatha & Vinyasa flow
Vinod has integrated yoga and meditation into his life for several years now. As he began his journey into yoga, he found his dharma (life’s purpose) as he could quickly master many asanas and was eager to share his passion with others. He completed his Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow in 2013 with us at Oceanic Yoga. Since then, he continues his daily practice and teaches daily yoga classes. He is also very passionate about his meditation practice and enjoys exploring Osho communes to deepen his practice. Through his acquired knowledge, he teaches different forms of meditations at Oceanic Yoga. Vinod is also the responsibility of the students’ needs and concerns, so you may always address him with any questions. Vinod enjoys living a joyful and mindful life and has an infectious ability to spread his joy to others. He also has really great dance moves!