Oceanic Yoga – the name itself is enough to portray the mystical bliss that you will be offered once you enroll yourself for our advanced yoga training. Since 2007, we are working for Yogi Abhay’s vision which is to offer meditation and yoga programs to people so that they can have a genuine inner experience and knowledge of perennial truths. Oceanic Yoga offers 200 hours Hatha and Teacher Training courses that are recognized, accredited and certified throughout the Yoga community worldwide. With Oceanic Yoga, Yogi Abhay’s vision has now crossed geographic boundaries and Thailand is no exception to this. From Goa where it all had started all the way to Thailand, we have travelled quite a distance and the expansion has been rapid! At Oceanic Yoga, we practice the External yoga through Vinyasa and Hatha classes and the Internal yoga is practiced through different meditation practices, philosophy and art of teaching classes. According to us, Yoga is not something which is believed in but rather it is something which is to be experienced. All the students are divided in small groups so that all of them receive a personal attention from highly experienced teachers while shedding light on various topics related to the course. Our teachings include advanced lessons on meditation, pranayama, asanas and all other relevant topics related to yoga. The most important characteristic of this program is that it is self-paced and is based on the student’s vision.

The most beneficial part of these training sessions is that all the teachers at Oceanic yoga are extremely professional, experienced and is very helpful in laying personal attention to the students. Apart from a standard training session we also provide comfortable accommodation in natures’ arms and healthy food. We also have excellent study material which will surely help you to dive deeper and fall in love with Yoga. The students are also provided an ongoing support after they have finished their yoga teacher training. Also, this teaching program is progressive, informative and clear.

Thus, we help you boost your career by being an advanced level teacher and also introduce you to a new dimension of human life.  And exploring this is very important for you to be happy and healthy both spiritually and mentally. By following these practices, you would become a virtuoso in the field of yoga and can also help others in finding a method to deal with daily stress problems. So, enrol and experience Yoga and know who you really are and unleash the energy which resides in your body!

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