200 hours yoga teacher training in goa

Become a Globally Certified Yoga Teacher & Master the Art of Teaching

Learn Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Asanas in depth.
Master the teaching methodologies.
Emotional Detox

22 days
05th Sept - 26th Sept
28th Sept - 19th Oct

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200 hour yoga teacher training course

Learn From Authentic

Oceanic Yoga International, one of the oldest yoga schools in Goa

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India Goa

Foundation Course to become an internationally Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga Asanas

  • 65 classical hatha yoga asanas
  • 72 Primary series asanas of Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Proper alignments of all yoga asanas given
  • Yoga asana variations for beginners and elementary levels
  • Modifications and corrections as per individuals
  • How and when to modify asanas?
  • Gentle/limited movement yoga
  • Deep relaxation / Yoga Nidra
  • More than 13 Pranayamas
  • Bandhas and Purification Kriyas
  • Various Meditations
  • The four paths of yoga


  • 7 main body systems
  • Spine and its common disorders
  • Difference between yoga and other physical exercises
  • Injury prevention and cures
  • Alignments, adjustments & modifications through the understanding of Anatomy
  • Diet and Lifestyle as per Yoga
  • What is Ayurveda?
  • Yogic diet
  • Effect of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle on body and mind
  • Body types and suitable diets
  • Diet according to Bhagwad Gita & Ayurveda

Yoga Philosophy

  • Aim and meaning of yoga
  • Five principles of yogic practice
  • Four paths of yoga
  • Eight limbs of Raja Yoga
  • Seven stages of awareness
  • Three gunas – sattva, rajas, tamas
  • Maya, prakriti, brahman, avidya
  • Atman, parmataman, jiva
  • Three bodies; physical, astral, spiritual
  • Four inner instruments; mind, intellect, subconscious, ego
  • Working of the mind
  • Five major and five minor pranas
  • Chakras and their relation to systems
  • History, Origin of Hatha Yoga & other forms of Yoga
  • Evolution of Hatha yoga tradition.
  • How Spiritual systems evolved through time

Teaching Methodologies and Techniques

  • Psychology of a teacher
  • Psychology of a student
  • Correction and guidance techniques
  • Communication techniques
  • How to create a proper class environment?
  • Important pointers on teaching a yoga class
  • The basic structure of a yoga class
  • The basic structure of the beginner’s course
  • Ethical guidelines for a yoga teacher
  • Running Your Own Yoga School
  • How to set up your yoga business or yoga studio?
  • How to become an effective & professional teacher
  • Specific Teaching Methodologies to master the Art of teaching


  • Different Meditations devised by Osho
  • Meditations from the tradition Budha
  • Cyclic Meditation, Yog Nidra
  • Mediation inspired by George Gurdjieff
  • Mantra Chanting and breathing meditations.

    Note: – Choice of meditations vary based on group energy.

Naturopathy and Emotional Detoxfication

  • Mud Detox Therapy
  • Healing diet for the body-mind
  • Special breathwork & healing sessions for Emotional release
  • Meditations and special Techniques focused for emotional healing
  • Purifying 5 basic elements of life through nature.
  • Mantra Chanting for emotional channelizing.

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Authentic Yogis and Teachers

Learn from highly qualified and lifetime committed sincere and authentic teachers.

top yoga guru in Goa

Teaching Methodologies

Unique, elaborative and effective teaching methodologies to make you a highly valuable yoga teacher

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Teaching Exposure

Will have guided teaching exposure for you with correction and reviews to help you lead the class and become confident in your teaching

Before you

Yes! You will be certified for this course on successful completion and clearing the exams.

yoga teacher training course

Validate your learnings and achievements with certificate from Oceanic Yoga International – a registered school with Yoga Alliance USA and increase your job, self-employment prospects and professional credibility by adding to you CV.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


€ 1495

What you get:


Your Program includes your course fees, your accommodation charges, charges for 3-time meals for the duration of the course.Wifi access in the campus.Laundry facility in the campus- Self service

We encourage you and your colleagues to focus on themselves during this intensive course you are participating and hence we strongly discourage any pets in the campus.

All our rooms in Goa ashram, both single and double rooms are airconditioned and have an attached bathroom. All the bathrooms are connected to solar heated water connection. You are expected to bring all your toiletries, personal care, and towels by yourself. Even though we provide towels we recommend you also have it handy with you. And as far as food is concerned we provide healthy fresh vegetarian meals. On special request we will provide vegan. We do not allow any alcoholic beverages, smoking and nonvegetarian food within the Ashram campus.

Goa has two airports, Goa Dabolim International Airport(Old Airport – Approximately 2 hour drive from the ashram) and MOPA international airport (North Goa airport -New airport Approximately 1 hour drive from the ashram ). Once your course is booked and confirmed please contact us and we will assist you with taxis.

This course is taught in basic English because the students come from all over the world. If you can read an English magazine, you will be able to follow the course.

Everyone has some challenges, it is normal. Our teachers will teach you how to work with different challenges. It is also important to understand that discipline in daily practice is more important than achieving a perfectly flexible body and doing complicated asana postures.

Our 100 hour and 200-hour programs are designed for beginners who are willing to put their efforts to learn and go beyond their expectations about themselves. There are no age limits as long as your body and mind is willing for the challenge ahead.


It is not mandatory that you need to read many books on yoga before you arrive. You will be provided with enough information hand outs once you are here. However, we have provided many valuable information in our knowledge canter. Please visit oceanicyoga.com and read.

We will be providing yoga mats and props for use. However, if one feels like doing yoga in one’s own mat, please carry them with you.

Yes, you will be awarded with a certificate post successful completion of this course. You must clear the exams designed for the same. However, one who is following the discipline and guidelines of the school will clear the exam.

equirement of attendance in each class is 100%. So far 99% of our students could clear the exam.

To register as an RYT 200, please go to the Yoga Alliance website and follow the registration process and pay their membership fees. During the process, you will be asked to upload a copy of your certificate issued by us. Once you have completed the application, we will receive a notification to check and verify your application. Once we verify, you will be registered.
This is a simple process.

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€ 1495

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