The sound of the waves in your ears, the feeling of warm air and sand on your skin, the smell of salt water in your nose: Goa makes you feel connected to nature. Located in the tropical zone close to the Arabian sea the climate of Goa is humid and warm. The average daily temperature is 30C.

Pause when you come to Goa. The positive vibe, the beautiful beaches and the shadow of the palm trees create a perfect environment to practice yoga. The warm weather helps to improve, your flexibility and the quite area calms your mind.  Goa has become a popular place for yoga, means that a lot of professional teachers are located here. They have a lot of experience in training new yoga teachers and inspire you with their passion.

Come to Goa where you can feel the connection to the earth and the sun kisses your face!



The people are laid back and very friendly.  If there is any kind of problem everyone is willing to help. The Goans are very hospitable and warmly welcome to foreigners.  With their positive energy and attitude, they create a peaceful environment where different religions living conflict free together. Most of the people are able to communicate in English which makes it easy to get in touch with locals!



Considered as the most westernized state of India the culture can be discovered in a very safe way.  For 450 years Goa was colonized by Portuguese. The influence is still there: enriched with the cultural heritage that includes dance, art the culture is very colorful and creative. In the multicultural state Christians, Hindus and Muslims are living in harmony together. There are different languages spoken Hindi, English, Portuguese, Konkani, and Marathi. Konkani is the official language of Goa.



A mix of influences of all different kind of cultures building the Goan cuisine: From the Portuguese, the Konkan to the Bahamani traditions. Influences by the various spice plantages in the area, the food provides a unique flavor. The big amount of coconuts is used in the kitchen as well, a lot of dishes are prepared with healthy coconut oil. Beside of varieties of seafood, a lot of delicious vegetarian and vegan food can be found!

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