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About Oceanic Yoga International School (RYS 200, RYS 300)

Oceanic Yoga International established in 2007, is a registered yoga school in Goa (RYS 200,RYS 300). We provide opportunities to learn about the ancient practice of Yoga and Meditation in its most authentic and practical form.

We offer yoga teacher training in Goa, India, a foundational course, 200 hour yoga teacher training, which is the basic certification course needed to start your teaching career and  300 hour Advanced yoga teacher training, which is for deepening your practice and  developing teaching skills to the next level. Our teaching methodologies are very effective and have been praised by many students over the past 16 years.

It makes us feel proud that many of our students have become successful teachers and studio owners across globe. Growing deeper in meditation and establishing into silence is a natural outcome of anyone who spends their time with us.

Our retreats and meditation programs are oriented towards detoxifying your body-mind, imparting emotional healing, bringing diet consciousness and yogic lifestyle. All trainings and retreats are complete in nature as they are designed and scheduled with wisdom from the experience of yogis and meditators. It supports you like a catalyst and prepare you for a quantum leap to your own self.

All our programs are conducted at our ashram in Morjim, Goa (completely dedicated for yoga and meditation only) which is surrounded by fascinating landscapes and natural beauty.

300 hour yoga training

Oceanic Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa

(RYS 200,RYS 300) Affiliated by the Yoga Alliance, USA

The natural view from the Oceanic Yoga Ashram is simply breathtaking. Our ashram is just ten minutes away from Morjim beach and is located on a hillock overlooking Arabian Sea. It is also home to a variety of birds of all colors, squirrels and peacocks. You will have a wonderful swimming pool from where you can watch the sun setting in the Ocean and it is one of the most beautiful view point for sunset in the entire Goa. The location is blessed with lush green nature where you can find lots of fruit bearing trees like mangos, guava, chikkus (Sapodilla Plums), coconuts, mangosteen, cashew nuts, date palms, banyan trees, bananas and many more.

Some of our students describe the place as “The Himalayas of Goa” as it holds the silence and serenity of the Himalayas  and it is secluded but safe, just 10 minutes away from the beach.

Our Yoga teacher training in Goa is rated as one of the best places for Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga & Ayurveda retreats in Goa, India. Here you will get all the support systems, techniques, knowledge, and guidance that you may need to become a confident and knowledgeable yoga teacher. The cottages are simply marvelous and are airconditioned. It has a balcony and many of our cottages provides view of Arabian Sea.

The food is vegetarian or vegan on demand. Our ashram offers wellness activities and Ayurvedic treatments, Hydrotherapy and rejuvenation therapies. This is an ideal place for spiritual seekers to explore the traditional Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training in Mandrem.

Sanctuary for Yoga, Meditation & Ayurvedic Wellness Holiday

Oceanic Yoga International, Goa is a perfect place for Yoga Meditation holidays and different wellness programs. There are different therapeutic and general wellness programs happens often. Some of them are Emotional Detox, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic massages, different healing meditations. Apart from these we also have Meditation Teacher Training, Ayur Yogic Massage  Therapist Training, Ayur Balance Massage Therapist Training. Yoga and Meditation retreats are highly sought program along with different Teacher (Trainings.300 Hour YTTC,200 Hour YTTC, 100 Hour YTTC). 

In our Yoga TTC we use Multi Style Approach that enables you to explore a variety of yoga styles such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga and Restorative yoga. You will be learning Meditations, Teaching Methodologies, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Kriya, Alignment and Adjustments, Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy as well.

Oceanic yoga’s teacher training school in Goa (RYS 200,RYS 300) will guide you the best ways to practice Yoga, how to teach it effectively, and how to make it a career. Here you will have the chance to learn about yogic cleansing techniques and the many different types of meditations, Lineages of Yoga, Healing techniques, Emotional healing process, Body Detoxifications, Yogic lifestyle, Ayurvedic approach on food and diet etc. You’ll be guided by experienced and registered yoga teachers ready to share their knowledge with you.  

The training program consists of studying the sanskrit names and  practicing Yoga Asanas, teaching to your fellow colleagues to gather confidence in leading a Yoga session by your own. Upon completion of the course, graduates will receive a certificate and you can become an Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance by registering on and uploading the certificate provided by us after the successful completion of your 200 hour or 300 hour yoga teacher training  in Arambol.

Become a Globally Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa

200 hour ayurveda yoga ttc in goa

200 hour Yoga teacher training in Goa

200-hour Yoga certification offers various skills and certifications. The course is ideal for beginners and intermediate practitioners and focuses on the health and spiritual aspects of Yoga. This course is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and includes all the tools a teacher needs to build a strong foundation and develop their unique teaching style.

The 200 hours Yoga ttc Course is divided into multiple modules like Yoga Asanaa, Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy
Teaching Methodologies & Techniques, Meditations
Emotional Detox & Naturopathy. Each module is designed to build on the knowledge of the previous modules which provide knowledge, experience and healing. It begins with morning yoga sessions, allowing trainees to better self-practice their asanas and teach them to their students. The course then involves completing many hours of yoga teaching practice with small groups of four or five students. Each trainee must teach two yoga classes if not more during the training.

The course is typically held in morjim Goa, India, focusing on the Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition near by Mapusa.

300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

When you enroll for an advanced yoga teacher training in Goa, you will learn more than the basics of Yoga. You’ll  learn about the different bandhas and how to awaken hidden energy through movement. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course is also referred as 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Mapusa Goa.

This course will teach you about the various components of Yoga and how to share them with your students. It will also help you develop a yogic lifestyle. The course is grounded in the philosophical and historical origins of Yoga. You’ll learn the anatomy and physiology of the body, Teaching Methodologies, Advanced Yoga poses, pranayama and much more. In addition to teaching advanced yoga asanas, this course include applied anatomy, yoga philosophy, and meditation. We follow the standards set by the Yoga Alliance USA.

200 hour yoga course in goa

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To become a yoga teacher, enroll in a yoga teacher training course in Goa at Oceanic Yoga Training School in Goa, India. During the training, trainees experience life in a community of yogis.The yoga teacher training in person at oceanic yoga school in Goa, provides a solid foundation for yoga practiceWith yoga teacher training in Goa, you will comprehensively understand Yoga, asana, anatomy, and yogic philosophy. The courses are designed for students who are both physically and mentally fit. Today, anyone can participate in this training, including students with no previous experience.Participants in this course can  enjoy early morning yoga classes in in Ashwem Goa and the chance to sit in nature.

100-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa will teach you all the basics of Yoga and introduce you to more advanced aspects. Beyond the basics of yoga postures, you will learn about the history and philosophy of Yoga. During the training, you will also learn about the importance of cleansing techniques.

Embark on a journey to rejuvenate mind and body with our brand-new Yoga Training Batch in Goa! Dive into a revitalizing experience that combines ancient wisdom with modern wellness. Limited seats available – enroll now to begin your transformative journey towards a healthier, more balanced life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for renewal and self-discovery. Secure your spot in our fresh yoga training in Goa batch today!

Read What Our Students Are Saying

Benedikt ZelzerBenedikt Zelzer
12:05 27 Jan 23
I stayed at this lovely place for 11 days. The accommodation is one of the best places I have ever been. A green calm island in Goa, perfect for doing yoga and meditation. The teachers were excellent and the food was delicious. The team was looking after all guests and their desires, so thx for your service! I will definitely recommend this yoga place for everyone!
16:18 23 Jan 23
I had an amazing experience with Oceanic Yoga in Goa. I stayed for a 7-day retreat and joined daily yoga classes, healing sessions, meditation and breathwork. The place is really nice! It feels like you are far away from the world in your own bubble. Somewhere in the jungle with a great view on the ocean. The swimming pool, the accommodation, the food, I really liked it!
Angela LAngela L
02:29 23 Dec 22
Attended Oceanic for my 200 YTTC in dec 2022 and has been an amazing experience. Everything from the hospitality, teaching, shala, room stay, food, understanding and patience of teachers, it was wonderful. There is a large sense of peace and intention from the staff, you sense the energy of the place. The room are very spacious with beautiful view of the sea and jungle. The food is so tasty and accommodating to the yogic lifestyle. The schedule of classes really expanded my knowledge of yoga from the physical, the anatomy, philosophical and the actual practice of it in every way of life. Gii and satyam was helpful in helping with anything we needed on and off the campus from taxi, buying gifts, coordinating a surprise bday for a fellow classmate. I met some great people that I will always remember. Highly recommended!
Dominika HalovaDominika Halova
06:39 15 Nov 22
When I decided to go to India for my first YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) I was really confused. Which school would be the right for me? Shall I go to Kerala, Rishikesh or Goa? The offer is huge. In the end I followed the recommendation of good friend of mine, who was living in India for almost two years. And I am glad, that I've got my training with Oceanic Team.I was searching for something more than, what I can get in Europe. I was searching for authenticity (as usual in my life :)). All of our Indian teachers live the/with the Yoga from early childhood and they are really devoted to the essence of it. Our European teacher brought nice balance in our Training, her knowledge about Western "Yoga business" and the needs of our future students was really helpful!!!In really short time we grew together in kind of harmonious Yoga family. But please, don't expect, that you'll be on holiday here. The guys take the thing serious and will push the best from you, with smile and kindness of course.WiFi: super strongWashing machine: availableArea: Super cleanFriendly stuffLocation: Quiet place in the jungle, but still 15 minutes walking distance to the seaAnd yeah, the food was divine! The guys in the kitchen put the level really high, after that the food in the restaurants in the area was never good enough. 😀
laura stanciulaura stanciu
14:01 19 Oct 22
It was my first trip in India and also the first time I was attending this type of retreat( which I decided to change it into RYT 100 certification) When I started searching for the retreat I wanted to find a place where I can feel safe while traveling alone, where I can relax and on the same time to learn new things about myself and what yoga and all this culture means. I found Oceanic yoga on the internet and I felt a good vibe from the first moment, I knew this is the place I would like to go. When I arrived here, it exceeded my expectations. In the middle of the nature, surrounded by trees and birds singing the whole day, and facing the ocean, it makes you relaxed straight away. I really love the family vibe I found here. From the managers to the people that work here, teachers and students, it felt like a big family living in the same place. They really took care of all our needs and requests, the food was so delicious, I never thought that it exists such a great variety of vegetarian dishes that can be cooked. The rooms are spacious, sparkling clean, with ac, and a beautiful terrace. The pool area has an amazing view of the ocean, really relaxing during the afternoon or after a long day. I learned a lot, not only on the physical aspect of yoga, but also on the spiritual side of it. The teachers are really friendly and with good knowledge and patience to make you understand the correct way of doing the poses, and also all the other aspects that make yoga such a beautiful lifestyle. It was one of the most powerful experiences I had the opportunity to live and I believe everyone, at a certain point in life or whenever they feel ready, should consider attending it. It's not only about learning new things it's about discovering who you really are. I would definitely come back. Thank you for making my experience so beautiful ❤️
Yashika GuptaYashika Gupta
04:53 30 Sep 22
"Good quality Yoga Teacher Training"- Skillful teachers with lots of in-depth knowledge - Very accommodating management. They did go beyond their responsibilities to assist us with whatever problems/issues we had - Excellent Accommodation - Great food! - Location: Very close to Ocean, but still far enough to make feeling that you are in lap of nature with lots of trees and greenery around. It is on a Small hillock with a view to Ocean. l a very good Atmosphere during all the whole 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our Team

yoga teacher in India

Swami Krishna Saraswati

A few words from Kris Ji… Life is a pilgrimage and a longing to experience the inner. Yoga and Meditation are the paths to this beautiful journey. I had the blessing and the opportunity to live with a man of Yoga and Meditation for many decades (In fact from the age when I was 17) and the journey still continues. Oceanic Yoga is the door and opportunity to experience and share this inner pilgrimage where Pilgrimage meets Goal “Pilgrimage itself is the Goal”. In Hindi we say “Yatra Hi Manzil Hai”. You are all invited and welcome! Read more
naren ji yoga teacher

Naren Ji

Om Sarvam Shivarpanam. Naren is a mechanical engineering graduate and has had stints in corporate and startups. Taking a break from his start-up he started to travel across the country with the intention to experience whatever was on offer, many times it was unconscious with just a need for moving. Being close to Nature and varying landscapes along with the practice of Yoga were the source of building awareness of existence. It was enough to give the feeling of contentment temporarily. These travels instigated an exploration of the scriptures, primarily the Upanishads. Also, he was drawn into a childhood interest of writing the experiences in the form of narratives. Read more  
top yoga instructor in India

Gis George (Jiska)

Skilled and certified yoga instructor with the ability to build effective relationships with students of all backgrounds and skills levels. Hardworking, dedicated, and supportive with excellent communication, able to empathize with people. He is seeker of truth since childhood. Started his journey with prayers, social service, austerities, and Tapas. Lived with first Guru before he was asked move on to understand the practicalities of living in the world and social functioning. During that time, he came across Osho and soon he was magnetically pulled to his Master in the Himalayas. He has committed his life for understanding the mysteries of life and death and encountered meditation. The journey continues. Read more

Our Accreditations

Oceanic Yoga School is Registered Yoga Schools (RYS 200, RYS 300) with Yoga Alliance USA.

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