What Our Client Says..

I am very happy that I choose oceanic yoga for my teacher training. The staff has a very heartful and humbler approach to life, yoga and to their students.  I love that I had the opportunity to study with all the teachers, they have so much knowledge of yoga. Highly Recommended Yoga Teacher Training!!


The Teacher training at Oceanic Yoga was a life-changing experience. I have learned that yoga is so much more than just amazing poses or asanas. It is a life style. Enjoy Life now at this moment. The teachers at Oceanic Yoga sharing so much knowledge, wisdom and happiness with their students.

Guusje Duijvestijn

This program was the perfect complement to my western understanding of yoga. I feel like my yoga foundation is very solid thanks to the traditional emphasis of this school. The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and I left the school feeling very confident in my ability to share yoga with others.

Hannah Hanson

I had a wonderful time at Oceanic Yoga. I was able to learn effectively from a team of dedicated individuals with a group of like-minded friends in a beautiful environment. For me, it checked all the boxes.

Robert Kelly

Excellent programme. I’d highly recommend it. Great location, great teachers. Having a proper Yogi lead the programme and the philosophy elements was really special. Made huge progress in the month!

Dr. Anne Monaghan

The whole school has a very warm and open-hearted experience. And people walk away feeling calm and giving. The details of where I was. The food was amazing.

Dr.Anand Vaidya

The course schedule was interesting and varied. I have learned so much in the month and still will continue learning through my journey.


Thank you for making this adventure a great journey on my way to Yoga. I had a wonderful time developing my own practice with great new friends and learned so much!


What Our Client Says..

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