Philosophy of Yoga in Life

Basics of yoga philosophy, defined as “the unification of body, mind, and spirit,” is thought to have its roots in India. The country’s Patanjali, a

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Yoga Positions for Knee Pain

Sore from your workout yesterday? Breathing heavily due to sudden, shooting pains? The symptoms of knee discomfort are all the same, therefore. We have all

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Yoga for Skin and Hair

Yoga is a great and natural technique to acquire a bright complexion, even though many technologies and cosmetics are employed to boost the vigour of

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How to Boost Immunity with Yoga?

Yoga is frequently faced with many the ifs and buts of today’s ‘scientific’ world, similar to most traditional disciplines. Does science support this practice? What

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Eight Limbs of Yoga Sutras

The first question which arises is how many yoga sutras are there? Patanjali categories yoga in his Yoga Sturas into eight limbs of yoga practice:

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The Power of Sleep

The human body consumes a lot of energy during the day. That’s why we need to sleep, as our body not only restores the energy

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Trauma Healing Therapy