How to Choose Your First Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor

Yoga has become an essential part of people’s daily routine. These days people look around for specialist yoga teachers who can train them as per the requirements of their body. This is the reason yoga teacher training in India has gained much popularity. And many people take to learning yoga from renowned institutes. If you too are looking forward to learning yoga, here are few tips to help you choose your first yoga instructor.

He should have a holistic perception of yoga

You should always look for a teacher who has a holistic perception of yoga. Such a person will be able to address your crisis, mental, and personal health. Yoga is an integrated process, and therefore, it requires your teacher to be able to present you a holistic vision of your health. He should be able to introduce pranayama and other meditation exercises along with physical yoga.

He should know multiple styles of yoga

Yoga involves multiple forms of exercises. A good yoga teacher is one who will be able to teach you multiple techniques and ways of yoga. He should know these exercises. Each yoga style has its benefits for your body and mind. And therefore it is essential that you learn all the different types of yoga exercises.

He should be a certified yoga professional

Several yoga training institutes offer certified yoga courses. You should look for a trainer who holds a certification in yoga from a renowned institute. It is a better choice to enroll yourself with an institute that gives certificates for yoga training. This will also help you in becoming a certified trainer in the future.

He should act as a facilitator

Your yoga teacher should be one who serves as a facilitator rather than an instructor. Only a teacher who can help you grow personally will be able to bring the best out of you. Once your teacher understands your personal needs, he will be able to teach you in a better way.

Keeping these points in mind will help you choose the best yoga trainer for yourself. You should also join trial classes for a few days, to know the teaching style of the teacher you have chosen. And once you get hold of the right yoga teacher, never leave him. Practice yoga regularly and maintain the

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