Which Type of Yoga is Right For Me?

Which Type of Yoga is Right For Me?

Yoga has become the first choice for fitness freaks. Finding a yoga that suits specifically to your body is not a tough task anymore. Every person is different in his/her own way, so is their body requirements. According to yoga experts, any type of yoga teacher training in india improves your strength, flexibility, and balance. More you choose the intense style, better the shape of your body. The style of yoga that is best for you will depend on what your health goals are.

Questions and Answers:

What is your main purpose of joining the yoga?

  1. I am joining it only for fun and style
  2. I have heard a lot about the benefits of yoga, so want to try on my own.
  3. I have seen yoga practitioner growing in and out.
  4. I want to find my inner strengths through yoga
  5. I am a new yoga practitioner, want to perfect my postures.

Your friends want you to go on an adventurous trip:

  1. You will not even think about going.
  2. You think about whether to go or not and then decide not to go.
  3. You will go since you are the one who made the plan and encouraged your friends for the trip.
  4. You think about whether to go or not and then decide to go.
  5. Meditate on it and then decide to go.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

  1. I have only heard about yoga from others, I do not have any experience.
  2. I have seen people doing yoga, and I am excited to join it.
  3. I have tried doing it by watching videos but do not feel confident about it.
  4. I do it twice in a week
  5. I do it regularly. It gives me confidence.

Do you look at yoga from the spiritual point of view?

  1. I want to join the yoga only for style, no spiritual motive.
  2. Yes, spirituality is one of the criteria that I want to join for.
  3. I am already spiritual and want to take it to a higher level of it.
  4. Spirituality is surely not the aspect. I just want to limit it to the physical aspect of it.
  5. I want to explore every aspect of yoga.

Do you want to learn it slowly and get the perfect posture or you just want to learn and finish it?

  1. It totally depends on my mood.
  2. I want to go with the ideal flow of learning.
  3. Yes, I want to learn it slowly and take it to perfection.
  4. As long as I am learning it right I am not worried about the speed.
  5. I want the tutor to decide on the pace of the learning.

What is your favorite posture in yoga?

  1. I am a newbie, so do not know much about postures.
  2. I try Shavasana daily!
  3. I have only observed people struggling with perfecting their postures, did not have the courage to try any on my own.
  4. Yes, standing on one leg and balancing posture is my favorite one.
  5. I do Shirshasana daily.

How do you want to feel after completing every yoga session?

  1. I want to feel peaceful inside and out.
  2. I want to forget the stress and worries in my life.
  3. I want to feel uplifted and energized to start my new day.
  4. I want to feel like I have stretched myself above my capacity.
  5. I want to feel like I have started my day with some accomplishment.

Your idea of a workout is

  1. To do cardio daily in the gym or in the garden.
  2. To start my day with 10km running.
  3. To do push-ups, jogging, and sit-ups daily.
  4. To go on a long walk in the woods
  5. To spend with a trainer who makes sure all your major muscles are toned.

You want to join yoga mainly for:

  1. Staying fit in general
  2. Keeping my body fit and fine
  3. Increasing my stamina
  4. Pushing my limits to a higher level
  5. Exploring the spiritual purpose of my life

How would you measure your level of fitness as a whole?

  1. I face health issues regularly, that is the reason I want to start doing yoga regularly.
  2. I am trying to get into shape, need to reduce some weight.
  3. I do exercise regularly and I am in decent shape.
  4. Since I go to the gym regularly, I feel completely fit and healthy.
  5. I build my muscle strength to feel and look healthy.

Results are ready:

If you have selected mostly 1’s

Yoga is new to you. You may want to start gentle yoga styles, such as Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kripalu Yoga and so on. You might enjoy these yoga styles since you do not have to stretch your body to get into the right postures.

If you have selected mostly 2’s

Though you are new to Yoga, you are interested in trying the different yoga postures. You have done your homework before joining the yoga. So you have potentials to get benefited by yoga for your own purpose.

If you have selected mostly 3’s

You have tried yoga before and you want to get into the perfect postures. You are looking to learn more styles of yoga and you enjoy practicing yoga at the spiritual and physical level. You should try Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga.

If you have selected mostly 4’s

You are a regular practitioner of yoga. You may want to develop your spiritual and physical strengths. You may want to try Anusara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, or perhaps even sign up for some yoga tutor.

If you have selected mostly 5’s

You are a fitness freak. You have a good hold on your body moves. You enjoy both physical and spiritual aspect of Yoga. You like to challenge yourself. You might want to try AcroYoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and power yoga.

Whether you are a newbie or a regular practitioner of yoga, you need to know which style fits your personality and goals.

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