Beginning something new can be demoralizing, and ending up in a yoga studio as a beginner is no exception. With unusual yoga names and much more strange sounding Sanskrit words, being another yogi can frequently have a craving for learning a new language. What’s more, when you’re not used to moving your body with particular poses in mind, certain yoga poses can raise a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. That is the reason it’s critical to ensure that you begin your yoga journey with a class that is organized for beginners. Yoga for beginners (Level 1) classes start with the outright basics, accepting a beginner’s brain and coordinating both the language and the fundamental yoga poses and arrangements such that makes it simple to do,  even for those people also who have no idea about any asana.

Truth about Yoga

We hear from lots of people, “I’m not flexible to do yoga.” actually, yoga is a most gentle, active and energetic approach to regain the flexibility in your body, also strength and wellbeing and prosperity. And keep in mind that the act of yoga has a substantial physical part as far as accomplishing well-toned body. There is an abundance of different advantages of keeping up a regular yoga practice. When you more comfortable to rehearsing yoga and it becomes your part of everyday practice, it can without much of a stretch begin feeling like moving towards meditation. This is a direct result of a solid focus on awareness and control of your breath. Beside the endorphins discharged because of the physical practice, called asana, this attention on breathing is frequently why people feel so energetic, quiet and clearheaded after a yoga class!

Preparation For Your First Class

Since you’ve found out about the advantages of yoga, we should jump into specific tips on how you can best get ready for your first yoga class. You may be satisfied to realize that there are not very many things you have to begin. Also, since you know it’s typical to feel apprehensive about your top of the line, it may not shock you to realize that the most important thing to convey with you is… an open mind!

So, it’s also important to be comfortable while practicing yoga, so here are  few things to remember:-

    • Yoga mat — For the first class, particularly in case you’re joining an online course, you can do practice yoga on your floor with a cloth or any mat before deciding what kind of yoga mat you want. Most yoga studios will have mats given. If you choose to invest in a yoga mat, choose according to your need either you want thin one or thick one OR sticky or sweat proof mat.


  • Comfortable or stretchy clothes — For men, this could be shorts, running pants or yoga stockings and a comfortable T-shirt or exercise singlet. For ladies, this could be loose cloth jeans or exercise stockings with a breathable T-shirt or sports top. There is no good or bad in the outfit for yoga, as long as they are comfortable and snug around the midsection so your bottoms, so your bottom doesn’t slide while practicing.
  • Towel – When we are in flow in yoga asana that means our body generates the heat to help us to avoid the injury while stretching. Also, means that you will sweat a little bit!.  If you are self-aware about dripping sweat all over your mat, bring a towel along so you can wipe your mat.



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