Yoga Teacher Training Course During Trip to India from the UK

yoga teacher training in Goa

It’s a known fact that India as a country has enough wisdom to teach yoga teacher training courses. People from all continents in several instances moved to India to learn in-depth about yoga and its beneficiary resources.

Uk is no exception for it’s all classes of people who travel to India occasionally and join in yoga retreat campaigns and yoga teacher training courses.

In fact, UK above all has the ideal wisdom of how India can perform and teach yoga practices better than anyone and anywhere in the world. For centuries, the transformation of knowledge between schools and disciples has been happening in India irrespective of external circumstances. As an Indian, I feel immensely honored by the fact that we are blessed with such tremendous practices and philosophy from our ancestors.

Yoga teacher training courses are independently designed and structured by yogic schools to teach and certify yoga to any enthusiasts without exceptions.

With yoga alliance certification an admirer can become an actual tutor to teach yoga. Places like Rishikesh and goa which are very popular for their diverse cultures and aesthetic locations are renowned for yoga teacher training schools.

Prominent schools in here have tutors who are experienced for decades in teaching and learning yoga rather than certified from reputed institutions.

Of course, they too are certified in a whole spectrum. Majorly, schools are internationally accredited by Indian yoga associations, the International yoga alliance of the U.S, the professional yoga alliance of the U.K, the yoga federation, world council yoga, and many more.

But the point I’m trying to mention in here is a tutor is a seeker who never stops learning while teaching.

Ideally, yoga teacher training programs are in different periods according to the seeker’s availability of stay. The distinct period programs are

Often, the 100 hour yoga ttc program is considered as 10 days yoga retreat but the two are significantly different in learning different practices and asanas.

The traditional practices of our yoga teachings are deeply rooted in our literate scriptures and philosophy of yoga. We can promise on delivering you a memorable experience on your trip to India from UK for sure.

Because of the ground-breaking bond, we share for over 200 years, our culture and its heritage is subconsciously penetrated in most of Britishers. This led to the flow of curiosity in learning every day.

Every program has a promising curriculum to learn efficiently. With every asana, mudra, pranayama, and other meditation activity, we prospect into cleansing our body both mentally and physically.

Post-pandemic, regulations to travel to India from U.K have changed a bit. But everything has become normal, at least, from a media perspective.

With enough precautions taken, everyone are allowed to be part of yoga teacher training courses in India. Be confident to leverage the most precious activity both physically and mentally passed by generations of the great sages of India.

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