Why Become A Yoga Teacher?

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Yoga is a practice that knows no boundaries when it comes to age, gender or body type, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. You started a yoga practice to reduce stress, reconnect with yourself, or maybe even get back your toned body shape. Somewhere between your first down-dog to mastering handstand, a transformation took place. After you practice yoga you begin to experience and realize that yoga has improved your quality of life. Yoga is a natural evolution to share this gift with others to pass it forward and become a yoga teacher 

A yoga teacher is able to train the body and mind, work with other yogis, learn the yogic philosophy, and spread yogic wisdom. Yoga teachers are nowadays treated as secret warriors of society. Becoming yoga teacher can lead you to ideal, honorable and passionate life as highlighted below :

Personal Practice Growth

One of the most positive outcomes of becoming a yoga teacher is that your personal practice will always improve with time. You can practice on a daily basis and continue to work on yourself as well as others. Boosting energy levels, concentration skills and focus can assist in performing you all the poses you once thought were impossible.

Healthy relationships

Yoga allows you to become more attuned to your own personality, demands, and needs. You can find a healthier relationship to initiate from between the body mind and soul the more you practice. You will gain experiences of practicing yoga, meditation, and pranayama, which will come in handy when you begin conducting classes.


Practice what you preach. When you are instructing your students, the same is imprinted in them and again on your conscious. The spirituality of meditation and calming sensation in poses will drive you deeper into being present at that particular moment. You will become grateful for things you once missed, and the mind will speak to you in a variety of ways.


When your passion becomes your profession you are bound to excel in it. Every day you will show up with new strength, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude. The hard work will pay off more swiftly in terms of financial gains.

Mental Stability and Growth

Mental peace and tranquility are also one of the obvious perks of becoming a yoga teacher. The atmosphere you live in and the things you hear, say, or think, constitute your reality. The social and organizational skills you gain also enhances as you help to solve problems and issues that others might be facing. When you are involved in the spiritual work, the feeling of peace and tranquility is generated. This satisfaction received in helping others is also rejuvenating and joyful.

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