5 Reasons to Pursue Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Yoga in India is a spiritual and a physical discipline practice that helps an individual connect easily with his mind and the body through meditation, breathing and other exercise patterns. Practicing this form of training is like an inward journey. And so, here are five reasons as to why yoga teacher training in India should be pursued.

5 reasons to pursue Yoga teacher training in India

Better physical health

Yoga teacher training in India helps us build a better physical structure. With breathing techniques and over 84 different yoga poses mentioned in the texts, these asanas work towards building a better muscle composition, regulation of all the bodily functions and developing resistance towards diseases and medical conditions like diabetes. Thus, the body gets into shape and health after regular practice of these asanas.

Better mental health

While building a better physical structure, these yoga asanas work on developing the mind as well. The way the exercises are performed combine an efficient way of breathing and meditation to help the individual focus better. De-stressing, awareness, improved memory and concentration are all the factors that can be enhanced by these yoga asanas.

Discovering your strength

The strength here refers to both the physical and mental prowess. Like mentioned earlier, while the body arms itself for better use of muscle and an effective resistance towards diseases the mind also learns to work in a focused manner. While the exercises help to boost the posture, coordination, and strain that the body can handle, the meditation techniques aid in working on the emotional and social areas of the brain.

Enhanced spiritual powers

The yoga asanas are developed to build and work on the chakras the human body has. These chakras, though they have a spiritual meaning behind them, are believed to help the body and the mind function together as a single unit. Thus, with the regular training sessions of these asanas, the mind is grown on a spiritual level to connect better with the body, which will in return affect even the little things that you do in the daily life.

Better connect with the inner self

As mentioned above, the regular and dedicated practice of this yoga in India brings about an inward journey of an individual which leads to a better connect with self.

All the above reasons will result in building a better version of you over practice and thus help you develop as an individual with these 100 Hour yoga teacher training in India.

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