Say “Good-Bye” to Stress & Cuddle the Peace with Yoga & Meditation.

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The word Yoga has been derived from the word YUJ   in the Sanskrit language, which means union. Here, to set up a bonding between our body, mind and soul, is the principal motive of doing yoga teacher training in Goa. As, most of us, think something, want something and in practical life, doing completely different things. We don’t know what we want, and there is no balance between our demand and supply. The more we get, the more we want.

Now if we are talking about mental discipline, it’s not a one-hour solution to reach to that point, where we can control our thoughts —both good or bad, and keep ourselves calm and quiet in every situation. There is no such shortest way that can lead us to reach to that point, but yes if we grow the practice of doing Yoga and meditation in our everyday life, our life will become less stressful. In fact, we are living in an artificial world where outer appearance measures everything. But our demand for more never satisfied for earthly things. So nothing can give absolute peace in this materialistic world. So our thirsts for kinds and restlessness of mind never end. In Bible there is a line, be still and know that I am God”, reveals the science behind Yoga. yoga teacher training is nothing but a science to control the mental turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body.

Here we can simply show you how yoga studio will help you to reduce stress and anxiety of your daily life and aid you to attain mental peace.

IMPROVE PHYSICAL HEALTH: Have you ever thought of improving your physical health, by practicing some good habits like yoga and meditation. You may think expensive food, well-furnished home; the everyday party in a five-star hotel will bring happiness and make you physically fit. But you are totally on the wrong side. As a healthy body and mental peace come from within. Here comes the utility of yoga and meditation. Oceanic Yoga will help you to cure certain ailments at a physical level. Such as:

i): Improve your flexibility.

ii): make your muscles strong.

iii): Helps to reduce weight and looks younger.

iv): To maintain a balance in metabolism and improve blood circulation.

IMPROVE MENTAL STABILITY TO COMBAT STRESS AND ANXIETY: Yoga is such a methodical movement of every body parts that it incorporates mental wellness besides improving health. If practiced along with meditation in a regular basis, it increases mental concentration a lot. Meditation cultivates the power of mindfulness that helps us to combat our daily life stress and anxiety, and we can achieve the strength of facing every adverse situation with a relax mind. A long practice of meditation helps us to control our negative thoughts and always create mental clarity by increasing positivity in our mind.

YOGA UNITES OUR BODY AND MIND: Yoga is the only way to attain perfection through the unification of our body mind and soul, which is the first step to realizing spiritualism. There are different poses and posture in Yoga, like Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, mantra yoga and Bhakti yoga, through which we can achieve our goal. Among these, The Hatha Yoga is very much effective to purify our body making our mind calm. It’s an excellent way to fight stress management.

If you are really overloaded with stress and anxiety, follow the path of yoga and meditation. It will take some time to set your mind and to grow the habit of doing Asana. , but one thing is assured if you includes it in your daily life you will be a winner in every step—both physically and mentally. So what are you pondering over, Say goodbye to all every negativity and say yes to yoga from now.

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