5 Ways to Continue Your Yoga Practice While Travelling

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Yoga is the oldest art form that originated in India and practiced by Yogis or saints who used to live apart from house and family members to attain spiritualism. Later on, the benefits of doing Yoga were no longer a secret and in the recent modern tech savvy world it has become part and parcel of our busy lives. With the invention and advancement of modern technology our life became easier in some fields, but yet complex. A modern life is hectic, busy, and stressful. To avoid all these, people is following the path of yoga. By practicing Yoga in daily life, we can control the mind and our thoughts. But as we are living in the twenty-first century, we have to travel here and there for many reasons, and the routine we used to follow at home completely thrown out. But there is a saying that where there is a will, there is a way, so if we are dedicated to our routine and daily workout, nothing can disturb us. Here is some way out how can you continue your yoga even at staying outside of the home.

1): TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN COMFORT ZONE: During traveling, whether it’s for business purpose or just for the family trip, we experienced the toll it can take both of our body and minds. On one side it gives us so much pleasure as we explore a new place, new people but on the other hand, carrying heavy luggage, travel by bus, car, less sleeping time, unfamiliar atmosphere, overeating of junk and unhealthy food, and different time zone are the energy-depleting factors. So this is the first and foremost duty of a frequent traveler to sort and at least one or two hours to practice some yoga and meditation. Then you can only feel the home comfort even inside the hotel room at any corner of the world. So please try to feel at home where you stay, it will make your time smooth.

2): ROLL OUT YOUR YOGA MAT WITH YOU: If you are dedicated enough to your daily routine of Yoga practice roll out a yoga mat with you while at travel, as hotel floors are not comfortable for yoga practice and you can’t give any excuse of skipping Yoga to yourself. Wake up early before your hectic schedule kicked off and try to do in the open air like on the beach, amidst nature. I am sure this will give you more energy during rest of the day.

3): FIND YOGA TRAINING CENTRE IN THE AREA YOU ARE TRAVELLING: Sometimes we have to stay out of home for a long span of time, maybe outside of the country. If such situation occurs, you can find out a local yoga training center for temporary. If you are determined you will make every situation a favorable one.

4): PRACTICE SOME NATURAL YOGA POSES: Doing yoga is no all about to practice complex asana and Mudras. You can simply continue your routine by practicing some breathing exercises and Pranayam that will reduce your stress in no time. Also free hand Surya Pranam or while in the shower, some relaxed standing yoga pose will help you.

5): TRY TO GO ON YOGA RETREAT: Try to combine your tour programme with your passion for yoga. Find out such location for travel. A good combine’s yoga retreat will transform your journey into an exotic one. A perfect yoga retreat will help you to see the outside world and the infinity within you.

So friends don’t make any excuse. Yoga is such a body movement that can fit anywhere, anytime, even when you are in transit or in the hotel balcony, you can make simple stretching poses. According to yoga experts, if you are tired of doing the same yoga practice in the same room, the same place, and then place change will enhance your energy to get a better result.

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