Best Yoga Holidays in Goa, India

Foundation Course to become an internationally Certified Yoga Teacher

Best Yoga Holidays in Goa, India


Oceanic Yoga is the perfect place for luxury yoga holidays in Goa where you can relax and disconnect from daily stress. Oceanic Yoga also offers highly praised meditation holidays for the mind, body, and soul. Our Team will help you to reduce stress, improve your work-life balance, and to relax; after all, this is meant to be a holiday. We’re here to make your yoga holiday an unforgettable and joyful experience. We are known for our friendly Team and welcoming atmosphere, where an international clientele feels at home. We aim to make your stay in Goa relaxing and inspiring so that you leave feeling happier and healthier.

We offer something for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced yogi we will help you to explore the benefits that practice can bring to your everyday life.

Come and join our yoga retreat holidays and spend a week practicing yoga, improving your general fitness, and learning impressive new skills.

300 hour yoga training

Oceanic Yoga School in India

Affiliated by the Yoga Alliance, USA

The natural view from the Oceanic Yoga Ashram is simply breath-taking. Our ashram is  just ten minutes away from Morjim beach and is located on a hillock overlooking Arabian Sea. It is also home to a variety of birds. You will have a wonderful swimming pool from where you can watch the sun setting in the Ocean and it is one of the most beautiful view point for sunset in the entire Goa. The location is blessed with lush green nature where you can find lots of fruit bearing trees like mangos, guava, chikkus (Sapodilla Plums), coconuts, mangosteen, cashew nuts ,date palms,banyan trees, bananas and many more.

Some of our students describe the place as ” The Himalayas of Goa” as it holds the silence and serenity of the Himalayas  and it is secluded but safe, just 10 minutes away from the beach.

Oceanic Yoga School is rated as one of the best places for Yoga Teachers Training and Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats in India. Here you will get all the support systems, techniques, knowledge, and guidance that you may need to become a confident and knowledgeable Yoga Teacher. The cottages are simply marvelous and are airconditioned. It has a balcony and many of our cottages provides view of Arabian Sea.

The food is vegetarian or vegan on demand. Ashram offers wellness activities and Ayurvedic treatments, Hydro therapy and rejuvenation therapies. This is an ideal place for spiritual seekers to explore the traditional Ayurveda and Yoga in India.

Inner Transformation

Are you looking for a profound and deeper transformation with in you? Want to take yoga beyond the mat? A life style change? Meeting the higher self within? If these thoughts are crossing in you then you are in the right place.

Authentic Knowledge

Do you want to learn yoga from authentic source? We are a group of committed and sincere people with more than 16 years of experience behind what we are offering

Getting Rid of Your Emotional Blocks: Overview

Getting Rid of Emotional Blockages With Emotional Blockage Release Treatment

An emotional blockage is caused by your body’s inability to process a painful situation. Usually, the feelings are triggered by an event in your life. Some people have more than others. When they are unaddressed, they can lead to health problems such as headaches, stomachaches, and genitor-urinary conditions.

  • The emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, uses the body’s energy to release limiting beliefs and fears. It has been used to treat anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Meditation and prayer are two other techniques that help you release unwanted feelings. Yoga sessions also cultivate awareness of your body and mind, while music therapy is a relaxing way to help you release stress.
  • Reiki is a form of Japanese spiritual healing that focuses on the body’s energy. Practitioners place their hands on or over the client’s body and claim to activate “reiki energy” that can help relieve pain and promote wellness.
  • Holistic therapies include a variety of methods, including meditation, yoga, and massage. Each technique helps you learn to manage your emotions better. Yoga can help you relax, while meditation and massage help reduce stress and pain.
  • Emotional release therapy is a method that helps you overcome stuck emotions. It also helps you understand how your thoughts affect your health. It works by using muscle testing to connect to your subconscious mind. Holistic therapies can offer various benefits, whether you have an emotional condition or are simply interested in healing yourself.
  • Some practices can help you deal with tension, while others can help you promote a positive mindset and overall well-being. Using muscle testing, a therapist can connect to your body’s energy and help you release your emotions. The therapist will touch you on various body parts to help you release the emotions.

How to Release Emotions From the Body?

Whether you are suffering from trauma or need to release feelings, the body is an excellent place to start. It is the physical manifestation of emotion, and every cell in your body knows when it is out of whack. Getting rid of emotional blockages is also a good way to improve your health and reduce stress levels.

In our 6-day Emotional Blocks Retreat in India, the students will learn and undergo bodywork treatments, especially focusing on the lower parts of our body like hips, thighs, calves, etc. These bunches, which typically get comfortable in the lower portions of our body, upset the appropriate bloodstream, influencing our sensory system and prompting torment or breakdown of the body. The best way to release emotions from the body is to let them move through you. Several methods of doing this include deep breathing, motion, and meditation.

We can help you work through your emotions using therapy, intentional movement, and shadow work. These techniques help you process your emotions accurately and learn how they affect your current state. Getting rid of trapped emotions helps your body heal, reverse physical ailments, and improve digestion. Chronic pain can also improve.

One of the most important steps to release pain is to create a sacred space where your repressed emotions can be released. This can be accomplished by various techniques, such as a hot bath, singing, burning papers, and even essential oils. Another way to release emotions from the body is to practice mindfulness. This involves taking time to be fully present with your emotions. By becoming aware of your feelings, you can easily identify and lessen the intensity of those emotions.

Practicing the ominous a few times can help you to identify what your body needs to move through your emotions. You might notice some areas of your body are holding tension, or you might see some cloud-like images. These are omens or signs that you have a trapped emotion.

Eligibility To Participate

Getting Rid of Your Emotional Blocks

Getting Rid of Your Emotional Blocks Retreats India Goa (2023-2024)

Start DateEnd DateRoom Per 2 Share (AC)Private Room (AC)
3rd March 202408th March 2024€ 400€ 500Apply Now
14th March 202419th March 2024€ 400€ 500Apply Now
3rd April 202408th April 2024€ 400€ 500Apply Now
14th April 202419th April 2024€ 400€ 500Apply Now

Daily Schedule

07:00-08:30 AM

Asana Class

09:00-09:40 AM


08:00-09:30 AM


09:30-11:30 AM

Lunch Break

11:30-12:30 PM

Emotional Blockage Treatment

01:00-04:00 PM

Asana Class

04:00-04:30 PM

Hot Cold Therapy

04:30-06:00 PM

Evening Asana Practice (Optional)/Massage/SteamBath

06:00-07:00 PM


07:30-08:15 PM


Note: The schedule mentioned above is a sample and can change on a batch-to-batch basis.

All Package includes

  • Airport Transfer from Goa Dabolim Airport or North Goa- Mopa Airport ( Charges 25USD)
  • 21 nights accommodation
  • 3 Vegetarian meals a day
  • Study materials will be provided at the beginning of the course
  • Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Yoga mat and props provided
  • 100 hrs Oceanic Yoga Certificate Yoga Alliance accredited
  • Package Without Accommodation € 450. Fees Include Breakfast (Mon-Sat), Course Manual, Yoga Meditation Music, and Oceanic Yoga Certificate.

Our Yoga Ashram

yoga teacher training course

Oceanic Yoga Ashram India Goa

A registered Yoga school (RYS) in India is an opportunity to learn about the ancient practice of Yoga and its many benefits. One of the most beautiful places to train to be a Yoga teacher in India is Goa. The state is famous for its bohemian vibe, reflected in the Oceanic Yoga Center, where a 200-hour Yoga TTC can be completed. Expert gurus guide students on their way through the instructive path. Most programs are conducted at our ashram which is surrounded by fascinating landscapes and natural beauty. It is an ideal location away from the city and stressful modern life.

The natural view from the Oceanic Yoga Center is simply breathtaking.

The training for yoga teacher Goa is located in a beautiful location, just ten minutes away from Morjim beach.

It is also home to a variety of birds. So the best yoga teacher training India is the perfect place for you to practice Yoga and live a healthy lifestyle.

Oceanic Yoga Center is rated as one of the best places for Yoga Teachers Training and Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats in India. Here you get all the amenities you need to train to become a Yoga teacher. With eco-friendly rooms and healthy vegetarian food, this is an ideal place for spiritual seekers to explore the traditional Ayurveda and Yoga in India. The food is vegetarian or vegan (on demand).


See the beautiful memories of our past 100 hour yoga teacher training courses at our Yoga Ashram in India. Click on the button to view our photo gallery and get an idea of what this transformational experience holds in store for you.

Choose Yoga Holiday Package in Goa

Twin Shared

with AC

€ 350

Private Room

with AC

€ 600

Trauma Healing Therapy