Yoga and Meditation are a Spiritual Activity?

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In many instances, people have commonly assumed that spirituality in yoga is somehow connected to religious commitments and worships. To their disappointment, spirituality is nowhere interconnected to so called religious practices. However, many religions have their own spiritual practices for their obvious reasons which are nothing to do with yoga and meditation. Yoga is not a religious practice and spiritual performance is certainly not an organized worshiping. Yoga teacher training in India

Spiritual performance

In Sanskrit, yoga refers to ‘yuj’ which is ‘unite’ or ‘to join’. The union of body, mind, and spirit. The connection of our inner consciousness with the universal consciousness. Uniting our forces with a higher force or spiritual force. Yoga and meditation as the spiritual performances is to train the body and mind to activate all the senses and be aware of their own nature. People develop to balance between emotion and action. Spiritual performance may be a personal practice but it is universally known for it’s path to attaining higher consciousness.

In general, people practice yoga to either physical fitness or mental well-being. Yoga has many forms and practices that are dedicated to balancing both at once. Spiritual performance is a form of spiritual meditation in yoga that’ll take you to the depth of your inner consciousness, to acknowledge who you are truly. The enlightenment follows with the connection.

Yoga and spirituality

Attaining higher consciousness is nothing but working our inner (self) consciousness over our mind and body to maintain the body and mind symphony. Stripping off from all your previous perceptions, you’ll experience yourself in a newer dimension. There will be a subtle transformation to attain the highest coordination between mind and body. With an experience of altogether emotions, you’ll be on the path of absolute enlightenment.

Spiritual meditation will halt your running thoughts to think and sink one by one. The progression is real and eternal, makes you realize to let go of all the past that had happened to find solace in the present, right now! Yoga and spirituality is a lifestyle that can be adopted by people of any race and religion to experience it’s philosophical wisdom and inner connection for a better living.

Practice and benefits

Before beginning any practice, a comfortable position at a relaxed space is must to concentrate on practice for longer periods. Outdoors under the nature are preferable by many yoga teacher trainers for a better connection and better energy transformation. Spiritual mediation in beginning will put you to sleep if you are surrounded in a closed space. Nature with it’s natural sounds will keep you awake and active. Sukhasana and padmasana are preferred to begin the meditation practice or choose your comfortable position and close your eyes.


We always trouble our minds with unnecessary thoughts and disturbances that have to be taken care of. We always plan to the pattern to accomplish but never allow our minds to flow organically. Spiritual meditation is a practice that has to happen on its own. Forget the concern over the result and let your thought process flow on it’s own.

The information we have today is more than abundant. Internet is evolving and destroying the human brain at once. It’s a never-ending sequence to follow all the content and absorb the data from different platforms and outside. Every news penetrates into us and makes us to think and observe. Inevitably, it is affecting our personal and professional life. Your outer space may look clear to practice but your thoughts on different information will keep you busy from the practice.

Mantra and reflection

Calm your inner consciousness and start uttering a mantra. Yoga and meditation have it’s own mantras which are also universal to pray. Om (Aum) for example is a symbolic mantra in Hindu philosophy to start any prayer. With regular chanting, the mantra produces unbelievable positive effects which work on our body and mind.

Relax your breath and start chanting any mantra under your perception. Every time a thought interrupts you, focus on breath and mantra to divert and it’ll eventually happen in a flow. Chanting a mantra is for absolute stillness and concentration, it has nothing to do with religious practice or beliefs.

Self-reflection is bliss to embrace in the end. Connect your presence with nature and awaken all your senses. Become conscious and observe how it feels to be in a specific state. Relax your breath and open your eyes. Stay in the same position while you are awake to sink the process into your spirit. Notice the difference and keep moving after some basic stretching. Spiritual practice is noticeably different depending upon the individual’s perception.

Benefits of spiritual performance

  • Spiritual meditation will empower to attain the higher consciousness
  • It settles your emotions and thoughts to find balance in both mind and body
  • It awakens your inner spirit to realize who you are and what you are capable of
  • It settles down your thoughts process to find a flow
  • Spiritual meditation will everything you need to find peace in the present

Yoga and meditation are structured with many postures or asanas to attain individual benefits. While spiritual practice is everything about supreme consciousness, everything related to it starts with some simple postures. Some are derived from animals and some are from pants. Some have special characters and some are reflections. Some are inspired by mother earth and some have their roots to ancient spiritualness. Every posture has its own identity and its purpose is justified with time. Some of these postures are…

  • Lotus pose – padmasana
  • Tree pose – vrkshasana
  • Corpse pose – shavasana
  • Child’s pose – balasana
  • Warrior’s pose – virabadhrasana

Every spiritual practice has it’s own pace to acknowledge the sense of complete stillness and tranquility. Yoga and meditation is a practice to achieve peace from within. It emphasizes our external physique and internal consciousness. The transformation is incredible and truly awakening.

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