Natural ways to Enhance Your Physique with Yoga

What Are the Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in India?

People often have assumptions regarding what could be the potential of yoga other than it’s physical and mental benefits. While yoga primarily helps in improving balance and flexibility with many different postures, it also helps in numerous ways to maintain our mental strength. It’s a known fact that yoga is nothing like a regular exercise. The interconnection between our body and mind has many shallow voids that can only be filled by yoga(Yoga Teacher Training in India) to awaken our teacher training

On a beneficiary note, yoga for women would be more advantageous than for men with it’s regular practice of different asanas. Yoga practice is indeed a natural way to enhance your physique without any additional supplements. Yoga and booty to considered one example. The constitution of three muscles for any butt would be

  • The gluteus maximus
  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus.

Gluteus maximus among them is the largest muscle that’ll help in shaping the butt.

A perfect body comes with a perfect butt. To make it perfect, people often work out for hours with many exercises in the gym and outdoors. It’s okay to do but there wouldn’t be any flow in the workout as far as I know. Yoga actually challenges you with it’s refined postures toning your muscles to give you firmer buttocks. India has enough yoga studios with yoga teacher training programs throughout the year. Under a supervised trainer, you’ll be guided properly to according to your muscle and fitness complexion.

Below are some of the yoga poses for women to enhance their butt in natural ways.

Bridge Pose

bridge pose yoga practice

Lie down back and lift your butt from the ground by holding your ankles. Do this for at least 30 seconds daily and you’ll have significant results in no time.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

The bridge pose will tighten your muscles along with your booty. This is a beginner-level asana that can be practiced by anyone with care.

Natrajasana (dance pose)

Natrajasana (dance pose)

Natrajasana is a symbolical posture of the Hindu mythological god SHIVA. This posture is very sacred for people who pursue dancing. This asanam can only resemble with proper practice. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds in the morning hours before intaking any food. Evening hours are also good to practice but your stomach must be mostly empty to start. This asana is an intermediate level of vinyasa yoga practice.

Natrajasana is one of the best practices for toning your booty along with flexibility, focus, and balance. It strengthens the muscles of your hips and legs. Also helps in decreasing your weight loss, stretches your thighs, increases your metabolism, and maintains the body posture.

Chair pose

Chair poseThe traditional chair pose is also an efficient practice for butt workouts. Maintaining a proper alignment during this workout is a little hard but can be done by scooting your booty back enough far. It is a beginner’s pose but to maintain the sensation, you must be resistant.

Lift your feet an inch or two from the ground and align your shoulders with the hips by stretching forward or face upwards. Lower the butt and engage your thighs.

Maintain your butt and thighs slightly above the knees. Continue this pose for at least 30 seconds until you feel the burning sensation.

Tiger Pose

Tiger PoseThis is one of the intense poses that are practiced by mostly intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. To observe, this posture often looks very easy but people will understand its actual potential while practicing it. This posture will strengthen your muscles and regulates the metabolism. Also helps in losing weight by burning your hips, thighs, and leg fat. This asana is also known as Salabhasana or locust pose.

Lie down and raise your leg backwards. Clutch the tip of your leg with the opposite hand bending in the same direction. Switch this pose with other arm and another leg for a better experience to maintain overall fitness.

Continue this pose for at least 30 sec to a minute. This works very effectively in tuning your booty.

Purvottanasana (upward plank pose)

Purvottanasana (upward plank pose)Upwards plank pose os purvottanasana is an east-faced posture where your stretch extensively with all your effort. This is a basic level vinyasa yoga asana that can be done by any beginner. Keep your stomach clean while practicing and continue for at least 30 – 60 seconds every day. In general, the plank pose helps in abs development by reducing stomach fat. But this upward plank pose is very effective to develop women’s butt. This is one of many asanas in vinyasa yoga which strengthens your entire body.

It helps in stretching and flexing your arms and legs by tuning the curves of the body. Keeps you fit and energizes your stamina.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Cobra pose is for women with saggy butts. Practicing this posture for more than a minute daily will shape your butt firmly. Squeeze your butt as much as your can while extending your upper and lower body by lying down on the mat. Be in this pose for more than 2-3 minutes every day so that you can develop a good-looking butt.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

There are many other poses to enhance your booty with other natural exercises in yoga-like warrior pose, Anjaneya pose, side plank pose, Ardha chandrasana pose. benefits of yoga for women

and many more. become yoga instructor from yoga studios in India are highly proficient in teaching many formats and asanas. Yoga for women is not only to develop the booty and flex the body. It’s philosophically more than just physical stretching. Acknowledge the wisdom to adapt it to your lifestyle for better results.

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